Friday, March 23, 2012

A Higher Moral Law

Call it a sign of the times, something unbelievably outrageous. The bible tells us that there will be a day when people who call evil good and good evil. Read, then pray!
An Ontario Court of Justice judge erupted in a lengthy, angry tirade against pro-life activist Mary Wagner – and ejected a spectator from the public gallery – in a downtown Toronto courtroom Wednesday...You don’t get it, do you? What’s the rule of law? You’re required to abide by it … You’ve lost the right as a citizen to be anywhere near an abortion clinic or to speak to an employee,” he said. “You’re wrong and your God’s wrong,” he continued. “You have complete contempt … There is a right to (abortion) in this country … You don’t have a right to cause (abortion-seeking women) extra pain and grief the way you do. “[Abortion] is legal,” he continued, “that’s all you have to understand … You start causing people emotional pain and harm, you think that’s okay?”
Earlier, one of Wagner’s supporters in the public gallery spoke up and was addressed by Clements. “These (life issues) are deeply held beliefs. We respect the rule of law. There are ways to change the law. The rule of law is absolutely fundamental. We see what happens in the streets when the rule of law is ignored,” he said. “You wouldn’t like someone in your vestibule every night. People who can’t deal with that, we lock them up.”
Asked whether she had anything to say prior to sentencing, Wagner said she saw the rule of law as a guidepost, not an absolute. “The letter of the law does not always maintain justice … abortion is a short-term solution but causes long-term pain,” she said. She added she never acts out of a lack of sensitivity, but rather attempts to love the women to whom she speaks. She also pointed to examples from history where people who were initially regarded as criminals were later found to be in the right.
Clements was unmoved. “You have, in some measure, displayed utter contempt for the courts and the rights of others,” he said. “You appear to be governed by a higher moral order than the laws of our country.” “Your determination to break the law is a potential threat to the well-being of society and plants the seeds of lawlessness, perhaps even anarchy … You are unable to accord some civility and respect to others. Your view in law is wrong.”
Wow. You can read it all here.


  1. This is why I thank God I will, in the end, be judged by a higher moral authority. How is this judges view any different from the Nazis who said being a Jew is illegal and therefor its ok to kill them? If someone would have stood up against it this judge would have said, "hey thats the law...what do you want anarchy?" Makes me crazy! I will pray hard on this tonight! Love thine enemys, I will be sending this judge alot of love in my prayers tonight(no that is not sarcasm, I will be praying God changes his heart and soul in a radical way)

  2. Imagine if this judge had said this to a Muslim, "Your god Allah is wrong!" There whould be a huge outcry and he would probably be removed!