Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Morning Musings: The fall of Satan and our own foolish thoughts

Why did Satan fall? This morning, I was reading Ezekiel 28, which describes the fall of Satan, and it's a fascinating passage, and it answers the question of what made Satan become the archenemy of Satan. The answer is shocking. Pride.
The passage starts as a statement to the king of  Tyre, but you quickly realize that its talking about the power behind the king of Tyre, because we're told that he was in Eden, the Garden of God.
So what do you see? First, you see a being that is blessed in every possible way. In the description of Satan in Ezekiel 28, you see that he is the model of perfection. Full of wisdom and beauty. Adorned with all kinds of precious stones. Anointed as a guardian cherub. Ordained by God. He walked among the fiery stones. I don know what the fiery stones where, but I'm betting they where amazing.
But then look at what he said. "I am a god. I sit on the throne of God." He looked himself and he wanted the same status as the Creator. He wanted his standing to be equal with God. He forgot that he was a created being rather than the creator, and claimed the prerogative of God.
Here's the thing that struck me. Do we not do that when we seek self autonomy? Do we not do that when we think "I can handle this. I got this, I don't need God for this." Is this not us much of the time? "I am in control, I can handle things, I don't need God for this. He can take care the big things I'll take care of this".
If we're depending on him for out very breathe how can we say this? If we acknowledge that he orders and numbers our days, and is sovereignly in charge of all creation, how can we say this with a straight face? He is God. He is in control. He alone rules all things. May we not be so foolish as to think that we are in control. May we not be so proud as to think that we've got this. Only God "has this", only God most high is in control.
So here's my final though and prayer (my prayer for myself, my family, my church, and for everyone who reads this). May we see at all times that God is God, and we are not. And may we be on our knees crying out for God to work through us what is pleasing to him. May we see that there's nothing that we can do apart from him that will have any real value. All we do is sinful to the core. It's filthy rags. We need Him to be at work. May he be at work for His glory and not ours, and may we acknowledge that he's got this (whatever this is) and we do not.

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