Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why the church must be careful of politics

Yesterday I finished City of Man: Relgion and Politics in a New era. It has some great things to say, but at the end it says something that speaks to why a church and must not dive into politics as general rule. Something that Christains should all remember here on election day.

They write,
A little mental distance from the temptations of politics is a good and necessary thing. 1951, Prime Minister Winston Churchill offered C.S. Lewis the title of a of Commander of the British Empire, a high appropriate distinction. "I feel greatly obligated to the Prime Minister”, he responded, "so far as my personal feelings are concerned this honor would be highly agreeable. There are always, however, knaves who say, and fools who believe, that my religious writings are all covert anti-leftist propaganda, and my appearance in the Honors list would of course strengthen their hand. It is therefore better that I should not appear there."
Lewis had higher goals and bore urgent priorities than public eminence. The wrong  kind of politics can not only compromise any individual believer but it undermine the message of the church itself.

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  1. With Advent upon us, it is prime time to let His light shine through us.