Monday, April 16, 2012


Edward on using our time wisely.
You are one to whom God has committed that precious talent. You have had a great deal of time. You have had a great deal of time that is past.
And time is as much worth to you as to others whether you are so sensible of the worth of it or no. You are one who has eternity before you. When God created you and gave you a reasonable soul, he made you for eternity; and he gave you time here in order to prepare for eternity. And your future eternity depends upon the improvement of time. Consider therefore what you have done with your past time. You are now beginning your time; but a great deal of your time is past and gone, and all the wit and power of the universe can’t recover it. How have you spent it? Let your own conscience make answer. There are many of you that may well conclude that half your time is gone. If you should to live to the ordinary age of man, your glass is more than half run, and perhaps there may be but few sands remaining; your sun is past the meridian, and perhaps just a-setting, or going into an everlasting eclipse. Consider therefore what account you can give of your improvement of your past time. How have you let the precious golden sands of your glass run?

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