Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blogging the Bible: Am I Crazy?

In a flash of genius, or insanity, I called on the congregation to read through the bible this year, and made the decision to blog through the bible in 2012, using a chronological reading calendar. Here we go. May God use it for his glory in 2012. Here is the format. There are six readings a week. I will put up a posting for Sunday and Monday (my day off), and on Tuesday through Saturday, I will put up one posting on the passages in the reading calendar.

Why a chronological calendar, because it allows us to see the bible flow from beginning to end, and see how the prophecy fits in with history, and so on, as God moves his work to the one that completes his redemptive work. Christ.

Update: I should have added "I will attempt to". Some weeks get busy, in those cases, I will catch up as fast as I can.

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