Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sad goodbye, but more fun before the end

The church covenant series is almost over. First Baptist has a church covenant that is a wonderful tool for helping us live as disciples of Christ, and this winter, Chris Cos and I preached on the subject of covenant, and then, I have been preaching through First Baptists covenant.

I am sad to see it come to an end, because I have invested allot into this series, but I am very excited about this weeks sermon. We have come to one of the most important topics in the covenant, Proclamation.
We will look at the statement that says, "We will also look at the sharing our faith by word and deed with all who are under our care", and we will look at the statement that says, "we will proclaim the good news of the Gospel to the whole Human Family". These statements are directly linked to our mission as a church, which has been summarized as "proclaiming Jesus to Medfield and beyond". These statements are all statements that remind us that we are called to proclaim the gospel.

Whats sad and challenging is that Evangelism is something like a dirty word in many churches. I went to a conference, and attended a workshop called overcoming the E- word. Somehow, churches have come to fear evangelism. If we want to have serious kingdom impact in Medfield and the surrounding region. This is something that First Baptist Church must overcome. It was once in our DNA, but now, we're scared of it. We must overcome this fear. We must be proclaiming the Gospel.

So this Sunday, we will look at the topic of evangelism and being witnesses through the lense of Acts 1:1-8. The lesson for us there is that because Jesus died, roses again, and showed himself to be God through his teachings and actions, we should proclaim the kingdom of God to our communities, to our region, and to the uttermost ends of the earth, knowing that Christ may return at any point, and that He will empower us as his commissioned witnesses.

This is an exciting passage, and the sermon be allot of fun. We need to overcome the E-Word fears. Evangelism is something that the church has been called to do, empowered to do, and it is something that First Baptists covenant calls us to do.